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Welcome to Hart Homes LLC

Experienced Homebuilder and Professional Remodeling

Capitalized on 30+ years of experience, Hart Homes LLC meticulously offers the most innovative and top-notch home building and remodeling services. Our refined approach towards crafting the best home enables the homeowners to enjoy stress-free construction, renovation, and fixation experience.

We take pride in being the most trustworthy builder, and this is why we are always on homeowners' dial lists for their construction needs.


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  • Yes Dale Hart built my home from the ground up. He walked my fiancé and I through the entire process of a custom built home. He was very thorough on what was being done and when it would be done. Always had a persistent schedule/plan. I absolutely recommend Hart Homes to anyone planning on having a custom built home!
  • Dale Hart is a great guy. He is the only reason our house was ever finished. Our prior contractor was subpar. We have second floor to finish and he ll be doing it. We are now lifelong friends. Phil S. 
  • I can’t believe the beautiful work you’ve done so far on my home. I was so worried because I had been taken advantage of by other builders but thanks to you, I have confidence that my house will be done and beautiful and I can’t wait for myself and my son to have a home to call their own. Abie E.

Our Latest News

October 21, 2021

Custom Home Builders to Turn Your Dreams into Reality!

2021 is drawing to a close. And, it goes unsaid that we have witnessed a lot of scientific advancements in the same year. Undoubtedly, all these […]
July 30, 2021

What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Home Builder?

Since the home is the prime investment, millions of millennials are now heading towards this opportunity more than ever. In 2016, 37.5% was the ratio for the owned homes by millennials; however, it is expected to escalate to 58.1% by the end of 2025.
July 30, 2021

Revamp Your Powder Room with These Clever Tricks

This blog attempts to unveil tips and tricks to make a design statement in your powder room. As we pay heed to almost every portion of our home, we seldom decorate this specific space. No matter if it is the smallest of all rooms, this space potentially impacts more than every other room in the house.

We'll ensure our work exceeds your expectations.

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